CUSTOM AI for Direct Mail

Work with us to increase ROI of your Direct Mail Campaigns

We bring expertise in AI and Machine Learning to improve the ROI of your direct mail campaigns.

Who We Work With

If you care about performance of Direct Mail campaigns, be it as a lender, advertiser, marketing agency, list managers, data providers, there’s an opportunity for us to work together. We are flexible and can either provide a turnkey solution or augment your workflow and offering with our data analytics and ML expertise.

Direct mail companies

  • Direct mail companies that want expert help on the targeting and data analysis component of their services
  • We can work with your data providers and your workflow. We will augment your offering by adding our Data Analytics and ML expertise

Lenders / Advertisers

  • Companies who want to execute direct mail campaigns with a sharp focus on high ROI targeting
  • We can bring in partners from our network to supply mailhouse and data capabilities to provide a full turnkey solution

Our Approach for Direct Mail

Direct mail continues to work along side digital channels. The offline and online world are often melded together where the activation may start offline via a direct mail but completed online via a trackable response. We will work with to identify opportunities to increase ROI through data analytics and machine learning techniques


Data: Historical, Recent and Third-party

  • It starts with data: we assess your data on leads and any historical data you may have on response rates, etc.
  • We identify external data sources that can have a significant impact on response rates and ROI more generally
  • We know how to handle missing data and various kinds of data quality issues

Machine Learning and Data Analytics

  • We use our proven expertise in Machine Learning on rich categorical and numerical data to identify ways to increase ROI
  • Which households to send direct mail to?
  • How many households will maintain positive ROI?
  • What is the optimal timing and frequency of the direct mail?
  • What third party data is worth buying and for which targets?

Custom Seamless Workflow

  • We integrate with your workflow in whatever manner is easiest for you
  • We support ongoing campaigns and iterative measurement and improvement since the best models are dynamic and adaptive to market and seasonal effects
  • We can build integrations into your reporting infrastructure if needed

Case Study: Direct Mail for Auto Refinance


Auto Refinance Lending


1M+ mailers per month recurring

A list management company was running large direct mail campaigns (1m+ mailers per month) for auto refinance leads using high quality data and an efficient mail fulfillment solution. But the targeting / response models were holding back the ROI. We developed new models, frequently retrained on fresh data to maximize dynamic response and learning. Our models were seamlessly deployed with minimal workflow change for our partner.



  • The new targeting models we developed immediately improved response rates by 36%
  • Significant direct increase in ROI for our partner’s ultimate customer
  • The ROI improvement drove increased business for our partner

How We Work: Custom AI Solutions



We develop algorithms to improve high-value repeated decisions that get made in your business every day. Many companies in fintech lead generation/management grow and mature with heuristic, intuitive, or ad hoc business processes for making key decisions. Those processes usually work well, but are far from optimal. That’s where we come in.


Every company is different in the details: business rules, data limitations, regulatory requirements, resource constraints etc. But in fintech lead generation/management there are a set of common kinds of decisions that are the core flywheels. Improve the flywheel even modestly and it can lead to large returns. We work closely with you to understand the specifics of your business and develop algorithms specific to the way you operate. We can deploy the algorithms any number of ways.

Others offer generic AI platforms, but we offer working, measurable solutions to your company’s specific problems.

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