Immediately increase profits in your lead management or direct mail with advanced AI

We are machine learning and data experts offering custom solutions to increase ROI of your direct mail or online lead management business. We deliver higher profits in weeks, with negligible cost of integration.

What We Do: Use Cases

The lead generation and management space is complex. Millions if not billions of automated decisions get made every day. Roles are blurred: publishers and brokers and advertisers often have similar decisions to make. We build algorithmic AI solutions, purely driven by data, to make these kinds of decisions in a scientific way. The ones that are made over and over again every day.

Publisher / Affiliate / Lead Generator

  • Which keywords / segments to target on Google / FB / Amazon?  What price to bid?  What constraints work best?
  • Which network or lead buyer to send a lead to?
  • Which offers to show on the offer wall?


Lead Network / Pay per call Network / Aggregator

    • Which leads to buy from affiliates? At what price?
    • As a broker, given a lead, who and in what order to offer the lead for sale to maximize revenue?
    • How many offers to show to a user (one/many)?  In what order?
    • Which specific offers to show to a user?
    • Which past leads to remarket to? (via email / sms / ads)
    • When to buy third party data?  At what price is it worth it for each lead?
    • Which visual templates maximize not just engagement but revenue?


    Advertiser / Lender / Debt consolidator / Insurer

    • Which leads to buy?  At what price?
    • To service a  lead, how can I decide / prioritize agents in a call center to maximize revenue?
    • As a lender or insurer, who to send direct mailers to?
    • To optimize engagement, which visual template to use?


    Direct Mail Marketer / List Manager

    • Which households to send direct mail to?
    • How many households will maintain positive ROI?
    • What is the optimal timing and frequency of the direct mail?
    • What third party data is worth buying and for which targets?


    How We Work: Custom AI Solutions



    We develop algorithms to improve high-value repeated decisions that get made in your business every day. Many companies in fintech lead generation/management grow and mature with heuristic, intuitive, or ad hoc business processes for making key decisions. Those processes usually work well, but are far from optimal. That’s where we come in.


    Every company is different in the details: business rules, data limitations, regulatory requirements, resource constraints etc. But in fintech lead generation/management there are a set of common kinds of decisions that are the core flywheels. Improve the flywheel even modestly and it can lead to large returns. We work closely with you to understand the specifics of your business and develop algorithms specific to the way you operate. We can deploy the algorithms any number of ways.

    Others offer generic AI platforms, but we offer working, measurable solutions to your company’s specific problems.

    AI hype can be overwhelming: We are your ideal partner for lead optimization

    Immediate revenue boost

    • In weeks: 15% boost in revenue
    • In 3 months: 20-50% increase in revenue, 30%-150% increase in net revenue
    • In 3-6 months: Gain market share from your competitors due to higher payouts

    Easy one-time integration

    • Simple SaaS API delivery model makes integration easy. 
    • One time 1-week onboarding, No ongoing effort needed from you.
    • Turn on or off any time.

    Pay for performance

    • If desired, pay only a portion of the incremental upside delivered each month.
    • Incentives are aligned to deliver real revenue and profits
    • We stand behind what we deliver

    Robust, reliable and proven API

    • Handling 50M+ leads per year across personal, education, car, home improvement loans, etc.
    • Delivering 30% increase in Revenue on average with no additional costs for the client
    • Delivering 50%-80% increase in net revenue

    Simple delivery model

    • Nothing to ‘install’ or maintain in your IT  infrastructure
    • AI delivered through our simple SaaS API
    • Integrate our API once, no further ongoing effort needed to get the benefits

    Continuous improvement

    • We track AI research and are always at the cutting edge with our own R&D
    • Our AI algorithms adapt to your evolving business to continuously optimize revenue
    • The benefits flow to you in real time

    No in-house AI team needed

    • Focus on your core business, gain the benefits of AI without being left behind.
    • No need to struggle to build in-house AI / Data Science research and technology bench
    • Save years of lost time and get certain results

    Less complexity, higher output

    • From monthly manual tweaking to continuous 24/7 automatic adjustments
    • From guesses and heuristics to measurement
    • From conflicting manual rules to a coherent overall view of optimization

    Highlights from our blog

    How online loan lead brokers can grow

    How online loan lead brokers can grow

    Online lead brokers match loan seekers to loan offers. Their function is to provide liquidity and to guide choice. In contrast with manual rules, AI and ML based matchmaking is particularly effective in this complex, data-rich environment. While AI and ML have become hyped buzzwords and are mirages in many domains, these technologies do provide real value for online loan leads brokers.

    AI in lead optimization

    AI in lead optimization

    For lead brokers, a fundamental task is to estimate, with imperfect information, which lenders (or other lead brokers) most value a customer. AI is perfectly suited to help replace outdated intuitions and hunches and let the data speak objectively. AI for lead optimization can dramatically increase revenue while at the same time driving down operational costs.

    AI for lending: An overview of possibilities

    AI for lending: An overview of possibilities

    AI can have its biggest impact in areas related to fraud, underwriting, and upselling / personalization.  This is because AI and Machine Learning technologies and algorithms are fundamentally about extracting the most value from the information that we have, and excelling in these three areas depends on solving information asymmetries well.

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